Wednesday, October 6, 2010




kristin fulghum said...

yes, it's weird that you took pics of yourself in the bath, but you're weird so i guess that's okay. jk! it's so artsy.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even dream of letting a camera anywhere NEAR my nudity. No way, Jose.

You're one brave woman.

Baker Estate said...

kristin, did i make you gag a little bit? ha. but seriously, did you kind of throw up in your mouth? i know i'm a weirdo...and i'm okay with it.

heather, you're comment was hilarious! listen, the camera just captured my feet so let's praise the lord for that!

Jami Nato said...

the bath water looks black though. so, ya. what's in there? just kidding...i know it's the editing.

and i love this song on your blog. might have to put it on mine.