Wednesday, October 20, 2010






emily said...

seriously, your baby is scrumptious.

SCRUMPTIOUS, i tell ya. i want to meet him. and eat him.

Jami Nato said...

he is a sweet pumpkin. and so cute. and getting fat.

and i love that you knew i would protest over the crisco on kristin's blog. you are a true sister. although...get that crisco out of your cabinet. i'm looking for it the next time i come over and throwing it out. it's for your own good.

Lorri said...

OMG I wish we were at the pumpkin patch and the cider mill with you and george and the that Tessa I see in those pics too? So cute!

Can't WAIT to see you guys tomorrow!!!!

bethany said...

George is getting so big!!!

Love your blog btw!