Friday, January 7, 2011

daddy got a raise!



bethany said...

Totally agree about the growing up... But I really like this new food stage. It's pretty hilarious!

Congrats to your hubby!

Christian and Nicole said...

YEah Zach!! Way to be!!! We are so happy for you!! and yes...George quite growing!! it's to sad for us mothers!!

Nancy said...

YAY for Zach!! Love George's faces :)

Jami Nato said...

can i get a what what!

all babies hate food at first. i'm surprised you started with something sweet. once they get the sugar, they start to veto all veggies. pray against this.

see you tonight, bee-otch(talking to you, not george).

danielle @ take heart said...

go george! big and better things are in store for you, little buddy!